Chapter President

Hello members and friends!  The convention still has specials that you can take advantage of so be sure to check them out on the website.

Many of the classes are now filled but there are still several to choose from. The certification classes are all still open so register soon.  One day or two, your best deal is to register for the whole convention and take full advantage of everything.  Any questions contact me or any of the board members.

Membership is another big topic for this month as it is an ongoing effort.  It is important that we reach the massage therapists in Marion County and our surrounding counties of Levy, Putnam and Citrus. In Marion County, alone we have about 300 licensed massage therapists and we only have 89 members in FSMTA.

FSMTA is an organization that helps all massage therapists in Florida.  Because Florida has the most massage therapists in the US, more than triple all other states, we are the backbone and leaders that the rest of the states look up to when it comes to training and legislation favorable to our profession. The bigger our membership, the stronger we are to be able to fight in Tallahassee.  If it wasn’t for the FSMTA and our lawyers that help us fight the fight, every massage therapist would have been suspended from doing massage if a particular bill would have went to the legislators and passed. We are there to fight for your rights to keep you working, so help yourself and your fellow therapists keep their jobs.  Help us fight by joining FSMTA!

The benefits are the same if not better than any other massage organization in the world. We have the largest massage convention than anyone and you get money for signing up another member.  And, more importantly, you can get all your CE’s free!!